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Indulge yourself in the ultimate self-care experience as the seasons transition and your skin craves extra nourishment and rejuvenation. This exceptional service is expertly designed to fulfill your exfoliation and hydration needs, ensuring your skin feels truly pampered.


Immerse yourself in the blissful journey that begins with a invigorating and thorough body scrub application, excluding areas covered by swimwear. Afterward, take delight in a relaxing hot shower while our treatment room is being prepared for the final stage: a luxurious massage performed with velvety smooth, creamy moisturizing lotion, offering a unique touch compared to the standard oil used in traditional massages.


For everyday skin types, we recommend indulging in body scrubs twice a year. Combination skin benefits from quarterly treatments, while dry skin thrives with monthly sessions. Those with extremely dry skin can safely enjoy bi-weekly exfoliating scrubs, ensuring their skin receives the utmost care and attention.


Allow yourself to experience this exceptional service and unlock the secrets to healthy, nourished, and glowing skin all year round. Your skin deserves it.


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