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This customized massage is carefully crafted to cater to the unique needs of expectant mothers, providing relief and relaxation during this extraordinary phase of their lives. With special positioning and draping techniques, we ensure utmost comfort for our clients. Our specialized service effectively alleviates discomfort in weight-bearing joints, enhances circulation, reduces swelling in the hands and feet, and relieves headaches or muscle tension caused by prolonged sitting or daily activities that contribute to pregnancy discomfort. (Please note that this service is not recommended for those in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy.)


Furthermore, our postpartum massage holds great value in aiding recovery after childbirth. Even in cases of smooth birthing experiences, a woman's body undergoes significant structural adjustments that merit attention. Our postpartum massage actively helps restore abdominal muscle tone and realign the pelvis, supporting an optimal recovery journey. This service is specifically designed for those who are unable to lie flat on their stomach.

1 HOUR - $95

90 MINUTE - $142.50

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